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May I Have Your Attention – PLEASE

Now is YOUR time to reduce your tax liability by locking in your IRS Section 179 Equipment tax deduction. Do not lose your opportunity to reduce your 2022 tax liability by purchasing and taking delivery of a new Electric scissor lift from ULE Sales, LLC.
As you know, the new aerial lift equipment supply is very limited. And the used lift equipment market is overpriced with a lack of available repair parts, if needed. Therefore, we stopped selling used aerial lifts 18 months ago and now focus only on new aerial lifts with 2-year full warranties.

The time to get on our waiting list for a new aerial lift is now!  To reserve your spot on the waitlist we will invoice you; no deposit required.  When the lift is shipped from the Skyjack factory, we will update your invoice to add your serial number and payment in full would be required at that time if you still want to move forward with your purchase.

Currently, delivery is approximately 2-5 weeks for a brand new zero-hour 2022 Skyjack SJ3219 or the Skyjack SJ3220.  We estimate that if you are not on our waiting list for a new lift by November 1, 2022, you will not receive a new Skyjack lift from us during the 2022 calendar. and may also be subject to the 2023 Skyjack price increase(s).

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